Rosenkranz Atelier / Rosary artist’s workshop

Rosenkranz Atelier / Rosary artist’s workshop

I decided to gift myself (since nobody else around me will give me anything religious) with a custom made rosary from the above store. Just take a look around. Aren’t they just beautiful?

Mine will probably be green and be a bit like this one, including the St. Francis and St. Clare bit. After all, St. Francis is (partly) responsible that I found my class (his statue anyway. I remembered it from when I was a child and it made me feel better, even during the worst time, and because it was right in front of the church that happens to be the entry point to the Catholic Church here) and  I greatly admire him and Clare. No matter how many Saints I “meet”, they are still my favorites, the ones I feel closest to and to whom I actually turn. 


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